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Trikonasana, or Triangel Pose, done by Greg Gumucio in the hills of Jordan.It is the tenth posture in the Bikram Hot Yoga series.


My yoga journey began more than 20 years ago when I took my first Hot Yoga Class.  I was an unexpected yogi.  I deeply appreciated the Hot practice immediately upon experiencing it and shortly thereafter dedicated my life to sharing this powerfully transformative way of being with others.  In addition to Hot Yoga popularized by Bikram Choudhury, I became very fond of Bryan Kest’s expression of Power Yoga.

My yoga journey inspired me to create  I have opened studios in NYC, SF, Seattle.   In addition to opening studios I have created and taken part in more than 50 Teacher Training Programs.  


I feel that the beauty of a yoga practice is that the journey continues to grow, expand and evolve.  For me, the next step in the journey was to open Yoga on Pearl with my amazing partner and wife, Haven.  We didn’t arrive at this decision lightly.  Haven and I have spoken about the possibility of opening a studio in the Denver and Cherry Creek area over the past couple years.  We knew we wanted a more intimate and neighborhood centered studio.  As the yoga climate is becoming more and more corporate, we want to provide a very simple, accessible yoga that everyone can be challenged by and enjoy. 

Our emphasis is to create an opportunity for our students to discover the teacher that resides within themselves.  We understand that there are many expressions of yoga and we know that there may be one Truth and many paths to it.  What we share is our approach, one path among many.

Capyasana, also known as crescent lunge, is practiced in our heated power vinyasa yoga classes, here shown by Haven in her Denver residence.


Haven first became interested in yoga as a student studying dramatics and science at the NYU Tisch and Gallatin schools. After deriving great personal benefit from the practice, her curiosity about yoga’s effect on the mind, and its subsequent influence on the body’s biology, lead her to earning a yoga teaching certificate in 2008 when she quickly became passionate about teaching and then joined the Yoga to the People staff. She has since taught at studios across the country, in both the hot yoga, Bikram and vinyasa yoga styles. Through the years she has continued to seek growth both as student and teacher, taking inspiration from those on and off the mat, including from her three beautiful children and husband. She is honored to be part of the Denver Hot Yoga On Pearl staff alongside her husband Greg, and looks forward to supporting each of you along your yoga journey ahead.